Wheel of Fortune Review & Guide for Players

Wheel of Fortune Review & Guide for Players

Wheel of Fortune slot by IGT has total of five reels and five paylines. The art style in Wheel of Fortune slot by IGT is a cartoon style that utilises bright colours and some of the classic symbols that players have become familiar with in slot machines from the last fifty years.

The art style also capitalises on the theme of Wheel of Fortune which is a popular game show that was first started on American television in 1975.

Behind the reel, the player can see a starry night sky. The corners of the slot are lit up in a blue, orange and red glow and various colours are present around the entire background in a rich mix of gradient colours.

The starts that hang in the night sky occasionally twinkle, adding to the realism of the background. In the top right corner there is a box that displayed the top award, and in the top left corner is the name of the slot game. To the left and right of the reel, the game shows that there are 720 ways to win. This is instead of the payline display that many players might be used to seeing on a slot of this type.

Under the reel, the player is presented with various bits of information about the slot as well as ways to adjust their bets. They can see their coin count and the value of each coin. The coin value can be adjusted via the blue arrows.

They can also see their total bet as well as their win. Finally, the win for the player is also displayed. In the middle is an orange button that serves as a spin button, and auto spin is also available to players who wish to utilise it. If the player wants to view the paytable, they can simple hit the paytable button located in the bottom left corner.

Bonus Features

One of the unique bonus features to this game is the use of the scatter symbols. If the player gets three or more scatter symbols and they’re on the same payline, those scatter symbols then turn into small wheels.

These wheels then spin and make even more symbols. This can lead to the player experiencing big wins.


The symbols for Wheel of Fortune slot are a mix of traditional symbols with various items that are associated with the game show of the same name. The first symbol is two red cherries with a green leaf. The second symbol is a pair of yellow bananas.

The third symbol is an orange with two green leaves. The fourth symbol is a shiny red apply with a stem and a green leaf. The fifth symbol is a shiny purple plum with a steam and green leaf.

The sixth symbol in this online pokies NZ is a golden pendant with an emerald in the middle that has a gold border and red background. The seventh symbol is a red convertible car with leather seats that has three palm trees and a setting sun in the background.

The eighth symbol is the Wheel of Fortune symbol. The ninth symbol is a wild symbol. The tenth symbol is three wheels of fortune that are stacked on top of each other. The eleventh symbol is the scatter symbol which features a wheel and a multi-coloured background.

The final symbol is a large white yacht sitting on emerald water with a blue sky background.