What Are Canada’s Favourite Casino Games

The Canadian people have always enjoyed playing casino games, and although the government has some regulations against land-based casinos, the online market is free to use for any Canadian. This means that many online casinos offer their full range of games and services to Canadian citizens, as well as full support for the Canadian dollar.

While there are dozens of different games that Canadians enjoy every day, only a few can be classified as a favourite amongst players. These games are the most played every day, and they all continue to grow in popularity with each passing year.


By far the biggest pastime in the casino industry, slots have been at the number one spot for decades. Online slots are a staple of just about any casino, and the game is especially popular in Canada, where it is both available online, in physical casinos, and even at trucks stops.

The basic premise of slots is as follows: there are a certain number of reels with special symbols, and once started, the reels spin. The symbol positioning on the reels once they’ve come to a stop determines if and how much the player wins. Simple, straightforward, and the most classic of casino games.


Poker and its variants, especially Texas Hold’em is a game of cards that requires skill, patience, and a degree of psychology. Along with the standard single player games that can be found online, many casinos will hold large tournaments that anyone can join. These tournaments are completely online, involve players from all over the world, and offer players the chance for a big winning jackpot at the end.


The simple game of chance that has taken the world by storm, blackjack is a classic on the casino floor and online. The most basic version of the game comes in the form of 21 blackjack, where players will need to attain a score no higher but as close to 21 as possible. While simple and easy to learn, blackjack has a number of strategies that can take years to master, and it a beloved game among novices and professionals.


Possibly the most complex game that online casino Singapore offer, roulette is as much about chance as skill. A roulette table comes with plenty of bets, plenty of ways to win, and definitely one favoured by more seasoned players. Almost anyone could recognise a roulette table, as they have come one of the most popular games available, and thanks to the Internet, also one of the most played games in Canada currently.

Roulette Casino Lucky Number Luck Boiler 17


Bingo is another favourite among many, and although once confined to public centres and churches, the game has exploded across the online casino industry. Extremely easy to understand and with no skill involved, bingo is short and exciting and offers some big prizes for those that play.

More Favourites In Canada

These are just some of the games that Canadians enjoy every day, but there are many more. This variety and availability means there is a game that is suited for just about everyone.