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The Jolly Roger Slot Game Review For Newbies

Who hasn’t had dreams of sailing the open sea in a pirate ship, with the wind in your hair and an eye strapped to your head? Your only boss would be the ocean herself, and your only obligation would be to the other salty seadogs on your ship. The Jolly Roger slot game aims to capture this fantasy of pirate life freedom, and it does so moderately well. The ambient sound is incredibly pleasant, with chattering seagulls and rolling ocean surf lulling players into the right mood, while the graphics get the job done in terms of visual design. But is it a good game? Let’s have a closer look.

Game Pay Designs

Using 5 reels, and an adjustable 15 betting line play system, the Jolly Roger slot game sets off on the right foot, granting players strategic options and a real sense of freedom. Smart players will raise and lower betting lines between spins, in anticipation of a big win, which is an excellent way to maximise wins and minimise loses. Remember that if the betting lines are raised, the bet amount is also automatically raised, and vice versa.

The Jolly Roger Slot demo

The excellent play system is complimented by a few bonus games, which although are not very innovative in nature, certainly fit well with the swashbuckling theme. If matching the 3 ripped map pieces players will set off looking for buried treasure on an island, which is a fairly well animated and amusing sequence. Regardless of where the digging actually occurs on the island, players will always walk away with a bit of extra cash in the pocket. Just how much cash, though, depends on the luck of selecting the right Xs.

Pirate Style Visuals

The Jolly Roger slot game doesn’t have the best graphics around, this much is for sure, and in comparison to some other modern slot games the visual are down right weak. But the developers of Jolly Roger clearly were not going for realism or staggering detail, but rather a charming cartoon-ish aesthetic. Either way, the animations and symbol designs won’t be wining any awards. At the end of the day, however, graphics alone don’t make a slot game good, and Jolly Roger is still certainly worth checking out at online casino sri lanka.

In terms of symbol value the game goes by the theme that pirate booty is where the biggest payouts can be found, which makes a great deal of sense. The diamond symbol offers the biggest payout, especially when matched the maximum of 5 times. It is followed by the ruby ring, gold doubloon. Next come the angry looking pirate, the pirate ship, cannons, and crossed cutlasses. It should be noted that the developers steered away from using the standard playing card numbers as low value symbols, which shows a great deal of effort from the developers. We tip our hats to them for their effort. The Jolly Roger slot game is available now for smart phone, home computer, laptop and tablet. Remember to ensure that Flash is up to date if wanting to play via browser on your laptop or home computer.