The Deuces Wild Multihand Options Explained

Deuces Wild is a celebrated video poker game. Video poker is remarkably popular, combining the attraction of poker with that of slots games. Invented during the 1970’s, video poker has built up a dedicated following. The internet has been kind video poker and this genre of casino game has a substantial and perennial following due to the high-paced action involved.

Variants on the video poker theme are based largely on the base game of Jacks or Better. A number of additional features are incorporated into different games, with Deuces Wild having the angle that the number two card, known as the deuce, becomes an automatic wild card. This has become one of the more widely played video poker games, and now the top software development companies, such as RTG, BetSoft and NetEnt offer this video poker variation as a Multihand game.

More Opportunities to Win

This means that instead of the standard Deuces Wild game where players have four opportunities to land five of a kind, now they can have up to 208 opportunities. Players can play up to 52 hands of Deuces Wild video poker at a time. This extreme range of number of video poker hand is the very limit of the spectrum as the standard, default setting is 3 hands. However, players can change the number of hands played simply by adjusting the selector.

Gameplay variation in Deuces Wild Multihand includes setting the value of each credit wagered, which is important since playing a large number of hands of poker simultaneously can be a costly exercise. In terms of gameplay, in Deuces Wild Multihand, and despite the number of hands played, only one of the hands is dealt with the cards face up. Players then select the cards they wish to hold, before drawing more cards. The held cards will be repeated in every hand played even though they are all face down. Each hand will then be almost randomly completed, using a pack of cards for each hand, and any win achieved are paid out according to the pay table.

Winning Deuces Wild Hands

The winning hands in Deuces Wild Multihand start with Three of a Kind. Thereafter there are the winning hands of Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, Four of a Kind, Straight Flushes, Five of a Kind, Royal Flushes, Four Deuces and the Natural Royal Flush in order in this mobile pokies games Australia. The top pay-out is 4000 for a Natural Royal Flush, which does not include any of the wild two’s.

The most exciting thing, therefore, beyond playing Deuces Wild poker as perhaps the video poker game with the best odds for the player, is playing Deuces Wild Multihand. Using the best return to player averages multiple times with many hands, would then be the best way of making this excellent game even more of a thrill.

The RTG Angle  

Realtime Gaming software developers are renowned for their innovative and hugely popular video poker range of games. This range of video poker games has kept casino players entranced for many years and developed a dedicated following. Now, set to expand on the range are numerous fresh innovations, such as Deuces Wild Multihand that will keep video poker players entertained for many more years.