Spinderella from Novomatic Slots

Another game from Novomatic slots, the Spinderella slot offers 5 game reels, and a total of 20 paylines that can be activated. As with most other slots, players can choose whether they would like to activate just a few of the paylines, or whether they want to activate all 20. This setting can be altered before each spin and so players are able to customize their betting for each and every spin of the game wheels. Spinderella offers a wild symbol as well as a scatter symbol.

Players of other Novomatic slot game will be familiar with how these symbols function. There are also win multipliers up for grabs. The way these function is quite simple. A win multiplier will increase your winnings from the last spin by a certain amount, and so this is always a good way of quite dramatically increasing your winnings without spending anything extra. The main jackpot prize that is up for grabs is 5,000,000, and this is perhaps one of the biggest attractions of this game. However, many players will be attracted not by the main jackpot, but by the smaller winnings that can be accumulated as the game progresses.

Spinderella Wild Symbols

As might be expected from the name, this online slot is based around the Cinderalla theme, but of course with an online slot angle attached to it. The main game screen has a fairy tale feel to it, and many of the game symbols are all items or characters that are found in this much loved fairy tale. For instance, players will notice the pumpkins in the grass, which is of course based on the pumpkin changing into the carriage in the actual story.

The Spinderella wild symbol is able to replace other symbols in the game. If you are able to land this symbol, there is the potential of creating new winning combinations. If you are able to get any of these symbols in the correct places, you might be able to activate a win with multiplier anywhere from 2x to 10x your original win.

Full details of this, as well as all of the other game symbols, are available in the slot’s paytable. Take note of which game symbols offer the biggest payouts, as this might change the way in which you bet, or the type of playing strategy you make use of.  As with any other online slot, players do have a fair degree of flexibility in terms of how they play, and the types of wins they aim for.

Spinderella Free Spins

The Spinderella scatter symbol will trigger or activate a range of other prize wins. This is one of the ways in which you can get free spins in this particular slot. There are up to 50 free spins up for grabs, and this of course is another good way to increase your winnings without spending any more of your own money. Other than the scatter and wild game symbols in Spinderella, look out for some of the other icons. Things you might come across include the fairy godmother symbol, Cinderella’s slipper, and even the golden carriage.