Read those Tips before start Betting on NBA

NBA or the National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in America. Many people across the world, including in New Zealand, place wagers on the NBA annually on many aspects of the sport including games as well as individual players. When placing a wager on the NBA, it is always a good idea to have some knowledge not only of the sport but also of how the wagers work, and how they are run on an online site.  There are a number of places online on which to find NBA betting tips, and these tips are designed to help you place solid wagers.

Know Your Players And Your Game

When placing a wager on any of the NBA games, one should have a good knowledge both of the sport as well as current players, teams and coaches.  This information can be found online with only a little bit of digging necessary. Not all players are played in every single game due to various factors such as injury, or even giving a new a player a chance. Coaches will play different players depending on the current stage of the NBA season. Following your team and your players from the beginning of the season to the end gives you a good advantage over somebody who only came in halfway through, and doesn’t know how the players have been playing up until that point.

Having a good knowledge of the sport of basketball itself is also very advantageous when placing a wager on any of the NBA games or teams. Basketball terminology is different from any other sport, although the wagers that are placed on the game are pretty similar to wagers on other team sports.

Know Your Wagers

NBA, like other team sports, have a number of different wagers which one can place throughout the season on teams, players as well as actual games. Some of these wagers are pretty simple, such as a winning bet otherwise known as a money line bet.  This is basically a bet on who will win the game between two teams, and is most commonly used by beginners to the world of NBA wagering. With the money line or winning bet there are no handicaps or anything else to complicate the pure outcome of the wager.

More complicated bets, placed by punters who are more familiar with wagering on NBA games, include such things as a point spread, an over under bet and a parlay.  A parlay is the same as an accumulator but just for American sports. These wagers and more can all be found on various sites online, along with NBA betting tips which will help you not only to understand the wagers but to place a successful wager with NZ betting sites as well.


Handicaps are something that any punter placing a wager on an NBA game, or really any other sport, should understand. A handicap is basically placed on a team, or individual, in order to make the race, or match, fairer. Handicaps are imposed by bookies to manipulate the odds so that people betting on the underdog have more the chance of winning money, even if the underdog doesn’t actually outright win the game. For example, if Oklahoma City Thunder are the underdogs in the game with the more popular team having a 5 handicap, the more popular team has to win by more than 5 points in order for it to pay out to punters. This basically encourages betting on lesser teams as well as stronger ones.