How To play Poker Pursuit on iPad

How To play Poker Pursuit on iPad

How To play Poker Pursuit on iPad

There are tons of different poker varieties available and most of these can be accessed in both land-based and online casinos. The great thing about poker varieties is that players can still enjoy the basic game of poker, but mix it up with a few differences in terms of how the game is played.

In order to get to know these games better, the iPad casino offers a great opportunity in offering free games, so players can practise the new variety of poker before actually putting down any real money. This is a great chance to practise games such as iPad casino poker pursuit.

How to Play Poker Pursuit

Poker pursuit is generally just available in online casinos, and it offers a thrilling game as players are able to increase their winnings by increasing the number of coins they decide to bet. This makes iPad casino poker pursuit very different from other poker games, and in order to understand how to play this game a little better, it is generally necessary to re-visit the rules of the game even if players are generally experienced poker players.

Poker pursuit is loosely based on five card poker, as players still end up receiving five cards in the end. However, they are dealt three cards at first and then, before the others are dealt, they can choose to increase their bet, although this is not mandatory. By knowing when to increase the bet and when not to do so, players can attempt to maximise their winnings and cut losses.

In iPad poker pursuit, players place their initial bet by choosing the coin size they want to use, usually made available through ‘Plus’ or ‘Minus’ buttons. Once the bet has been set, players can click or tap the ‘Deal’ button, and they will then receive the first three cards. After this, they will have to decide whether they wish to call or raise by clicking the relevant buttons. After the fourth card is dealt, they will, again, have the opportunity to call or raise, and then the fifth card will be dealt.

After the fifth card has been dealt, the winners will be decided. If players have a winning poker hand, they will be paid according to a pre-set pay-out. The amount of the pay-out is generally determined by how good the winning poker hand is, and this is multiplied by how many coins have been bet. So, if players had chosen to raise and then end up winning with a good poker hand, their winnings will be higher than if they had not chosen to raise.

Getting Better at the Game

As with other poker games, players have found ways to beat the odds while playing iPad casino poker pursuit. With poker pursuit, this generally comes down to raising when likely to win and calling when not. Players can then directly influence their winnings by trying to maximise their profits and cutting any losses. This game is just as exciting as the online slots Australia and other regions currently have on offer.

In iPad casino poker pursuit, then, the basic strategy of beating the odds comes down to being familiar with the game, understanding the rules well, and being a skilled poker player. Again, this is where the nature of the free iPad games are handy, as they allow players to practise the game without risking anything, giving them the chance to increase their skills to such a level that they are likely to win when they do actually play for real money.