Playing Treasure Island Online Slot

An Introduction to Playing Treasure Island Online Slot

From the gaming developer Quickspin, the Treasure Island online slot game Jackpot is 150x your stake. It is recommended that all online slot players refer to the paytable that comes along with the game, as this provides full details on exactly what is required in order to win the game’s jackpot prize.

Details such as what size bet must be placed, as well as which symbols on which paylines need to be activated are all included. Of course, some players might not aim at winning the main jackpot, but might prefer to slowly accumulate smaller winnings in the Treasure Island slot. Whatever the case, or whatever playing strategy you make use of, the game’s paytable is always a useful resource to refer back to. The game offers 5 game reels, but a total of 40 paylines. It is up to the player to decide how many paylines to activate on each spin. This will also depend on how many credits you are willing to bet on each spin of the treasure slot.

Treasure Island Free Spins

As in various Mac pokies AU, free spins are up for grabs in this particular Treasure Island slot game, and there is also a bonus game that can be activated at certain stages throughout normal play. If you are able to land three of the compass symbols anywhere on reels one, or three, or five, then the Treasure Island bonus game will be triggered.

Treasure Island Quickspin Internet Slot

Once the bonus has been activated, you will need to select one of the compasses that have been presented to you. Underneath one of the compasses, you will find one of the bonus features. The first of these is free spins. However, you will not immediately get access to the free spins, as you will first need to play the island hopper game. The results of this game will determine how many free spins you receive, or if you will instead receive an instant win, or even some extra wild symbols to use. If you do get the free spins, these of course can be used right away, and are a way of increasing your winnings without actually spending any more money.

Another bonus game that can be activated is the Treasure Hunt feature. In this game, players need to choose one of the big red X marks. Each of these hides a certain prize, and if luck is on your side, you might be able to reveal a big bonus prize.

Treasure Island Pirate Attack Wild

The final bonus game feature that you might be able to activate is the Instant Win. As the name suggests, you will automatically receive an instant prize, based on what is revealed. The Treasure Island is a game that has some interesting extra features or bonus games. However, at the same time, the standard game play is also entertaining, and has a great deal to offer in terms of prizes that can be won. If you are able to land two of the game’s barrel wild symbols on any of the reels, the Pirate Attack Wild feature will be activated, which again holds the possibility of giving you some extra wins.