Play iPad Pachinko at Top Mobile Casinos

Not much is known about the origins of pachinko, a Japanese casino game that has captivated the international gaming world. What is known is that it was created in the early 20th century, and is probably based on the classic American pinball machine.

Luckily, players with iPads who want to experience the rush of a game that plays something like a cross-between a slot machine and a pinball machine don’t need to travel to Japan. They don’t even need to leave their homes.

Exciting versions of iPad pachinko, designed by leading software developers, are available at top quality mobile casinos. Players have the choice of playing Flash versions of the game in browser, or of downloading the app for iPad.

The game can also be played for free, or, if players use these mobile casinos’ secure banking services to fund their accounts, with real money for a chance to win big.

iPad Pachinko Basics

The basic gameplay of iPad pachinko sees players shoot a small ball up and into a vertical board marked with pockets. The goal is to get the ball into a pocket that will trigger the reels to spin for wins or extra balls.

Not all pockets trigger the reels; some simply swallow the ball, bringing the round to an end.

To make the game more interesting and to influence the ball’s journey up the board, the playing surface is populated by various obstacles. In land-based versions of the game, these are usually nails or pins, and various gadgets.

How to Play iPad Pachinko

With an easily navigable interface, clear graphics, and easy to understand rules and gameplay, iPad pachinko is a pleasure to play best pokies online.

Once a player has placed a bet, they need to move the launch lever down by swiping from top to bottom. The force used to shoot the balls from the bottom of the virtual board is determined by how far down the player pulls the lever.

As soon as the lever is released, the balls will shoot up the left of the board, entering the main area of the board from the top. The balls then bounce, tumble, and roll their way around obstacles to the bottom of the board, or into Drop Buckets, Wings, or the centre of the board.

In iPad pachinko, one or more Wings will open when a ball enters the centre of the board or a Wing. A ball that enters the centre of the board will also earn the player more balls.

Tips for iPad Pachinko

There are two great tips for players who are new to iPad pachinko that could help them improve the quality of their game.

The first is to learn how to control the area into which the balls drop. This can be done by pulling the launch lever to differing distances, as a way of checking speed and force.

Another tip is to use the free play versions of the game or No Deposit mobile casino bonuses to practise, practise, and practise some more. Not only will this give players a better sense of the interface and controls, but also help them to become more familiar with the game, so that playing it becomes second nature.