Online Keno 101        

Australian Keno is a game that’s made its way from land based casinos and pubs into the online domain and over the last decade or more, it’s become incredibly popular. Often compared to bingo or the lottery, Keno is an instant win game that can be incredibly lucrative when played online.

Keno’s name has its origins in France, and the name originated from the word quine, which referred to 5 winning numbers. Although the name may have French roots, its thought that the game originated in China, and legend has it that takings from the game contributed not only to fighting for Empires, but towards building the Great Wall of China. The Chinese played Keno with little sheets of paper that had 80 different characters on them, but when the game was introduced to the west, these characters were not understood, and were replaced with numbers.

The game first travelled to America in around the 19th century, when immigrants began arriving to build the very first transcontinental railway. This actually makes Keno one of the oldest games in casinos and due to its nature it’s been played in bars and saloons for years too.

Keno Goes Online

By going online, Keno was suddenly available to a far greater number of people and the game grew in popularity. The fact that it requires no skill or strategy, and that the results, unlike the lottery, are drawn immediately, makes this unpredictable and fun game all the more exciting.

There are now a massive number of different Keno game variants available online, but the basic premise of the game will always remain exactly the same. In the usual game, players must choose up to 15 numbers from a selection of 80. Once they’ve chosen their lucky numbers, the draw will take place and 20 numbers are picked at random. The more numbers that you have picked correctly, the more your payout will be. The stakes in the game can be as low or as high as the player prefers, and some games start at well under a dollar.

Free Keno games give players a great opportunity to work out how everything unfolds and are also loads of fun if you want to enjoy risk free entertainment. The real money games can of course be very rewarding, and the more numbers you bet, the bigger the stakes and the greater your chance of winning big.

Keno Options Online

There are a vast number of different styles of Keno online, with the various numbers required changing, as well as the themes of the game. The Keno cards, on which you’ll tick off your lucky numbers, are often themed, with animated images adding to the fun.

Classic Keno games remain true to the original form, whilst variants where elements of Bingo are introduced are also on offer. Some games also feature more than 80 numbers to choose from, whilst Keno tournaments have also become a regular participated in activity at many online blackjack real money Canada casinos.

A game of chance, the outcome of online Keno games are decided by the software’s random number generator, and the chances of correctly predicting all 20 numbers correctly is around 1 in 3.5 quintillion!