Movies Featuring Forms of Casino Gaming

Casinos, betting and sports books have been featured in many different movies and shows throughout the filming industry’s existence. This is because the thrills gained from this sort of entertainment are also translatable to those watching these events happen. Additionally there is always an overlay of emotional and moral strife involved around the gambling aspect and so makes for a rather potentially inspirational platform for movies and shows to work with.

The Silver Linings Playbook is not the usual movie exploiting the online betting angle, and whilst there are some key factors of the story centred around wagering, this rather feel good tale explores a lot more about life, illness and family problems. A highly rated film featuring an all-star cast and some serious emotional discourse.

About Silver Linings Playbook and Movie Wagers

The protagonist in this story, based on a novel by Matthew Quick, is called Pat, which is short for Patrick, Solitano and is played by Bradley Cooper. The female interest and supporting role was given to Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Tiffany in this film. Silver Linings Playbook also features Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker and Jacki Weaver so is rather laden with stars, and as such presents well through the screen.

The movie centres on Pat, a struggling young man who has lost a lot, including his wife and house. After a stint in a mental institution he is back living with his parents. Here enters the first inkling of betting as Pat’s father runs a bookmaking operation whilst also being an ardent supporter of the local football team. The later point has consequence soon. Pat then meets Tiffany, however still longs to reunite with his ex-wife. Spoilable things ensue, and the culmination event, in good bet related fashion, revolves around wagers made on the outcomes of a football game, relating to the aforementioned point, and a dance contest. This is used, on a fundamental level, to build tension, anticipation and excitement.

Overall Silver Linings Playbook is an emotionally fuelled drama comedy that ultimately has happy moments and sad ones, with some morally reflective tendencies. The movie incorporates the betting aspect well, using the events throughout to provoke expectation toward the outcomes. It has received impressive reviews since it came out in 2012 and has been recommended by a fair few groups, suggesting that those who have not given it a watch should probably do so.

The Fun in Watching Movies

What makes television so exciting is it allows us to experience different lives, stories and journeys. To alter our perspectives, shuffle up our emotions and test our morals. A well made movie or show can stimulate the mind rather then damper it, and it can be easily reasoned that the Silver Linings Playbook is one such movie. This comes subject to opinion, as most art does, but with a broad spectrum of emotional tugging, high stake wagering and even a good fight or two, this movie is rather setup to receive a wide audience.