Marilyn’s Poker 2 Video Slot Review

Marilyn’s Poker 2 video slot is created by Novomatic, who are also known for creating the American Poker 2 game. American Poker 2 is acclaimed for being a simple, straightforward, single player poker game, frowned on only for the rather basic graphic design choices made. Marilyn’s Poker 2 is perhaps an attempt by the developer to address that glaring issue, offering almost the exact same game, but with the addition of Marilyn Monroe as a theme.

The iconic lady appears on the backs of the cards, as well as featuring as the wild card, bringing much needed colour and life to the game of video poker. Her image is crisp, high resolution, and extra points to Novomatic for selecting an image of her wearing nothing but a negligee. So the game if off to a good start, but how does the actual poker part of this game fare?

Basic Poker Rules

The Marilyn’s Poker 2 video slot, as it turns out, is fairly solid in the game play department as well. Of course, as has already been said, it is basically the exact same game as American Poker 2. The player must make a bet, after which they are dealt five cards. Once the cards have been revealed, the player must select which cards to hold, and which to swap, which can be done by simply clicking, or tapping, the desired cards to hold.

Once new cards a dealt, wins are declared and payouts are made. It really is as simple as that. If you are uncertain about which hands to aim for, the game has considerately displayed all the winning hands above the play area. Five of a kind is the most valuable hand, followed by a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind. Did we say five of a kind? Yes, the game features a wild card system, meaning that five of a kind hands are possible. The wild card is also, incidentally, where Marilyn Monroe again shows her gorgeous form.

Marilyn’s Poker 2 Video Slot Extra Features

To add a little spice to the game, Marilyn’s Poker 2 video slot has a few extra special features. The first is the mini-jackpot system for online casino Deutschen, which encourages players to try and get at least double jacks or higher. If the player manages to get the jacks, a small bonus is given, nothing to write home about, but certainly nothing to turn your nose up at.

The second interesting bonus is the gamble system, which is seen in many games created by Novomatic. This system simply allows the player to try and double their win, after one has been achieved. Once a winning hand has been paid out, a gamble option will appear at the bottom of the play area. Upon clicking this option the player will be shown a single playing card, and must predict if it will be a red or black card. If guessing correctly the winning amount is instantly doubled, if guessing wrong the money is instantly lost. This game can continue on for as long as the player desires.