A Guide to Playing Farkle on iPad

Farkle is a dice game with six dice, or five in some variations, a sheet of paper to keep score, and a pencil or pen to note down scores. The objective of the game is to score a total of 10 000 points.

At the beginning of the game, each player throws six dice. After each throw, the player has to decide whether to bank the points rolled in that turn, or whether to continue throwing the dice. If the player has scored all six dice, they can continue throwing and accumulate more points.

They must have at least one scoring dice in each throw, otherwise they ‘farkle’ and will lose all the points they have already gathered in that terms. Once a player has decided to end the turn or has ‘farkled’, then the dice are passed on to the next player.

Given the dice and pen-and-paper nature of this game, it had to be uniquely adapted to be played in online casinos and mobile casinos accessed through smart phone or tablet devices. Even though the land-based farkle games offer a certain sense of reality and real-life rush, there are a few benefits of playing the game online and there is little that matches the benefits of playing the game at an iPad farkle casino.

The iPad Device

Playing iPad farkle casino games has certain benefits that are unique to the iPad and others that are special to all mobile casinos.

The iPad is a wonderful combination of the desktop or laptop computer and the mobile device. It is portable, always connected to the internet, and easy to carry around like any mobile device.

However, it also offers a larger screen size, making it easier on the eye and making navigation through the touch screen slightly easier than it might be on other smart phone devices, which are generally smaller. Even though the newer smart phones have larger screen sizes, these still do not compare to the screen size of the iPad. This large screen size is unique to the iPad.

Playing iPad farkle casino games on the tablet device also offers unique benefits, such as the iPad are portable and convenient, and they allow players to access the iPad casino at all times, regardless of where they are and what time it is.

The iPad farkle casino apps or instant play games can be accessed when players are sitting in the comfort of their own home late at night and it can be accessed when players are stuck in traffic on the bus early in the morning. Whenever and wherever players feel like playing, they can access iPad optimised farkle games at the swipe of a screen. This game is just as exciting as the bingo Australia options available to players these days.

How to Access the iPad Farkle Casino

The iPad makes certain casinos that are uniquely compatible with iOS available through the App or iTunes store. This allows players to download the application, and always access the casino straight from the home screen page of their device. This makes play very convenient. However, players can also choose to access Flash games that will be available in the internet browser.

All the players have to do to access is to either sign up with an iPad farkle casino or, if possible, access a free or trial version of the game, and then they can begin playing their favourite dice game on iPad.