How Virtual Sports Betting Differs From Traditional Sports Betting

Did you know that in addition to live sports like horse racing, soccer, tennis, basketball, motor sports and dog racing, many betting sites also offer virtual sports versions of the same athletic pursuits? Virtual sports are growing in popularity among online and mobile betting aficionados, as they enjoy some unique advantages that many gamblers prefer, which real, live sports cannot offer.

Here are the five most prominent differences:

Virtual Sports Are Always Available

Virtual sports present a computer simulation of the sporting event, created by artificial intelligence programmes. They play by the same rules as the live version, but all the action is computer generated.

As such, they are available any time of the day or night, whenever you want to play; you are not restricted by real-world sporting calendars or seasons. If you feel like virtual football in the summer or horse racing while a blizzard is raging outside, virtual sports can provide them.

Virtual Sports Events Play Faster

Because virtual sports are computer generated, they play in much less time than real, live sporting events. Virtual tennis, for example, will usually last the length of one game between two cyber players, rather than playing to game, set and match.

So, in many ways betting on virtual sports is a quicker, more convenient way to enjoy the pastime. You can swap easily between different virtual sports at most betting sites, exposing yourself to more variety.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

To bet effectively on live sports, you need to know a little bit, at least, about the sport you are wagering on. But in virtual sports, the details don’t really matter, since the results depend not on individual players or teamwork, but the random number generators embedded in the software.

You can play them with the same low-bets-played-long-term strategy as slots. There are also a range of bets available, just like in live sport, so you can bet experimentally from the get-go and learn as you go along.

They Create A Digital Atmosphere

The animation and graphics in virtual sports is of amazing quality; it is not quite the same as a TV broadcast, but it is on par with the best computer games and augmented reality.

So even though computer-generated gameplay is never quite going to be as exhilarating as the real thing, virtual sports do create a great video-game atmosphere that makes them fun to play.

They Cannot Be Affected By Externals

Perhaps the most attractive feature of virtual sports betting online is the fact that you will never see a game called on account of the weather. An injury to a player mid-event is never going to send your sure-fire bets sailing off into the never-never. Your entire team is never going to come down with stomach flu the night before the playoffs.

Because they take place entirely within a computer programme, virtual sports can never be affected by externals. The virtual sports games you most enjoy will always be ready for you, whenever you feel like playing them.