Dino Might Online Slots

Released by Microgaming, online slots game Dino Might takes the action provided by five reels and 25 paylines, and places it in pre-history; in a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

In this game, players can play for wins on the reels as well as in the Fossil Match and Nigersaurus bonus features. These features are triggered by various reel symbols.

The gaming experience offered by this video slot is enhanced by a wild multiplier symbol, and stunning graphics and sound effects.

Dino Might Reel Symbols

The Dino Might online slots reel symbols feature not only dinosaurs, but pre-historic plants as well. The symbols include those of higher value, those of lower value, and those that activate various bonus features.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Brontosaurus, a Triceratops, a Pachycephalosaurus, an Ankylosaurus, a Nigersaurus as well as a Cactus, a Cycad, a Bulb, some Rafflesia, a Venus Fly-Trap, Stag Horn, an Amber Fossil, and the game logo will all be found on the reels of this game.

The game logo is the wild symbol, while the Amber Fossil and Nigersaurus are scatter symbols.

Winning combinations are formed from left to right, with the symbols, with the exception of the scatters, appearing in consecutive order. Only those combinations on active paylines will bring payouts.

Amber Fossil Scatter Symbol

Dino Might’s Amber Fossil scatter symbol can complete winning combinations by appearing anywhere on this online slot’s five reels. A minimum of two of these is needed for a scatter win.

When three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, the Fossil Match bonus game will be triggered.

Fossil Match Bonus Game

The Fossil Match bonus game will take players to a screen where the scene is divided into 21 sections, 20 of which conceal five different kinds of fossils.

Players will need to select the various sections until they find four fossils of the same kind. Instead of a fossil, one of the sections conceals a 2x multiplier. If this is found, these Dino Might bonus game winnings will be doubled.

As soon as players have found their four of a kind fossils, what is hidden behind the remaining sections will be revealed.

Nigersaurus Scatter Symbol

Unlike the Amber Fossil scatter symbol, three or more Nigersaurus scatters needs to appear in consecutive order, from left to right, to trigger the Nigersaurus bonus games of bingo for money

This brief Dino Might bonus game sees all reel symbols except the Nigersaurus scatters disabled. Each Nigersaurus conceals a bonus prize.

If the game was triggered by three of these symbols, players can choose one for a prize. If it was triggered by four symbols, two may be chosen, and if it was triggered by five symbols, three may be chosen.

Dino Might Wild Multiplier

The Dino Might logo reel symbol is a wild multiplier, which means it won’t only help create winning combinations; it could also double those payouts.

The wild helps form successful combinations by substituting itself for the other symbols. However, this symbol cannot substitute for the Amber Fossil or Nigersaurus scatter symbols.

This symbol can also form its own winning combinations on active paylines, but these payouts will not be doubled.

Look and Feel

The reels action and bonus games of Dino Might online slots are played out amid classic comic book-style graphics that hint at realism, rather than cartoon-style images.

Among the soundtrack highlights are the sounds of birds and insects, and the interface is uncomplicated and easy to navigate.