Cash Inferno Online Slot Overview for New Players

The Cash Inferno online slot game from IGT Gaming has main jackpot on offer of 2500. However, there is more to this particular online slot than just the big jackpot prize. For discerning players, here are some of the basic features that might be of interest to you. The Cash Inferno slot offers the players with the option of adjusting the value of the coins for each and every spin. The minimum coin size that can be set is 0.01, while the maximum coin size is 5. This makes the Cash Inferno slot suitable to players on a low budget, but also to those who have more to spend and who are focussing on winning those big jackpot prizes.

The game is a fairly standard 5 game reel type of slot, offering players the chance of activating up to a total of 9 paylines. Players can choose to bet 1 coin per line up to a maximum of 5 coins per active payline. These are just the basic features to online slots, but the more interesting parts of it come when you actually play the game, and get those wheels spinning. Some online casinos may provide the option of playing this slot in free or no deposit mode. However, most players will probably want to play the real money version of the slot, as this is the mode that puts you in line with a chance to win the real money prizes.

Symbols in Cash Inferno Online Slot

There are a number of symbols that form the Cash Inferno online slot. The Spark symbol acts as the game’s wild symbol. This symbol pays out players when it lands on reels 1 right the way up to 5. However, the wild symbol is also able to create its own winning combinations. The slot does have a paytable that can be accessed at any stage. If you are ever uncertain about what certain combinations mean in terms of what you can win, just refer to this paytable. All the game symbols are listed, as well as what the best winning combinations are. Remember that your wins will always be in proportion to the size wager you place, so think carefully before each spin about how much you want to bet.

Cash Inferno Bonus Features

There are three different bonuses in Cash Inferno, all triggered by landing different Hat symbols. These hat symbols include the Fireman’s, the Rescue, and finally the Policeman’s Hat. In order to activate or trigger the bonus feature, players must land at least three of the hat symbols on adjacent game reels.

The way this works is fairly straightforward in Cash Inferno. If you land three of the exact same hats, you will be rewarded with a 1x win multiplier. Four identical hats will get you a 2x win multiplier at casino online Colombia. Landing 5 hats on adjacent reels will of course get you a 3x win multiplier. Experienced players will know very well than win multipliers are a great way of increasing your winnings. So keep an eye out for the hat symbols, and try to land them as often as possible.