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Bet Types Available at eSports Betting Sites

The way things stand currently, both the value and amount of available wagers at eSports betting sites will vary considerably from bookmaker to bookmaker. The favoured form at the moment is definitely match betting, in which punters will wager on the result of a match or bigger event, but some of the leading sportsbooks are beginning to implement live, or in-play, betting options as well. These are wagers offered and laid while the match itself is unfolding. These in-play markets are some of the most complicated bet types to develop and keep up in traditional sporting events, however, and it will probably be some time before more vigorous live-betting options become available at the majority of eSports betting sites.

Interested individuals should focus on quantity as well, when researching for online casino nz, since not all of these websites offer odds on all the possible event types. Some operators are certainly increasing their cover, but others seem to be adopting a wait-and-see attitude to filling out their tabs.

The Regulation of eSports Betting Sites

At the moment there is no central body regulating the activity of eSports betting sites, but there definitely a number of entities and leagues that currently co-operate, albeit to varying degrees. As the eSport industry grows, it is likely that the development of a single, comprehensive regulatory structure develops for it, but the global nature of this occupation will serve to complicate this undertaking to a certain degree.

As far as the regulation of betting operators is concerned, the answer to the question of regulation will vary from operator to operator. Each of these is regulated by the jurisdiction in which they are located, and are sometimes subject to extra regulations, which are based on the markets which they serve. There are a number of well-known licensing hubs as far as online gambling is concerned, with these including the Isle of Man and the UK.

Fairness of Determining Outcomes at eSports Betting Sites

All users have concerns regarding the question of fairness at eSports betting sites, and these are totally legitimate ones, especially since there have always been questions of match-fixing, even within the world of sporting events like cricket; football; and rugby. Luckily there are a number of factors in place which can help assure bettors that eSports bettors stand an impartial chance at taking home some winnings, with these including:

  • The growth of the prize pools available for eSport events

As more money becomes involved in winning the various competitions, the appeal of a financial motivation to throw matches is diminishing.

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