Basics of the Red Dragon Online Slot

With 20 paylines on its 5 game reels, the Red Dragon online slot game has more to offer than just the standard game play. There are a number of special features on this Chinese dragon themed slot, and the 150,000 maximum jackpot win is just one of them. Many modern players like to have the flexibility when they play slots, to change the betting range and active paylines, in order to suit their specific playing strategy.

The Red Dragon online slot does offer all online casino Philippines players this option, and as such the coin value can be set anywhere from 0.01 right up to 10.00. This of course does have implications for the size or value of your bet for each spin, and accordingly the betting range ranges from 0.20 right up to 200. Typically you will need to place the maximum bet, and so have all of the paylines activated, in order to have a chance of claiming one of the big jackpot wins. Players should refer to the game’s paytable before they start playing, as this will give all the details about what is required in order to be eligible to potentially win the main jackpot prize.

Free Red Dragon Spins

The theme of the Red Dragon slot game is the Chinese dragon, and the slot is littered with references to this fierce creature. If you notice any of the temple symbols, these are in fact the game’s scatter symbols. If you are able to land three of the temple scatter symbols anywhere on the screen on any of the reels, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Four of these symbols will get you 20 free spins, and 5 of the temple scatter symbols will get you a grand total of 30 free spins. With 30 free spins at your fingertips, chances are that you will be able to increase your winnings quite nicely, and all without spending any more of your own money.

Free spins are really a risk free way of going for some extra wins. The bonus game in Red Dragon can be triggered or activated by landing three of more of the game’s dragon symbols on any active payline. The bonus feature will open up, which is a screen that has balloons floating from the bottom to the top of the screen. You need to attempt to pop these balloons as they rise, and subsequently hopefully uncover some of the hidden prizes. If you are able to uncover 5 of the dragon segments, you can then become one of the big winners. However, just watch out for the heart symbols, as these cause you to lose a life.

Red Dragon Wild Symbol

If you come across the bearded warrior symbol in Red Dragon slots, you will soon realise that this is the game’s wild symbol. This wild functions in much the same way as any other online slot and it is certainly a great way of increasing your opportunities for some big wins. Remember to refer to the paytable for details about what the best winning combinations are.