Aces and Faces Bonus Video Poker Overview

Aces and Faces Bonus, gets its name from the winning combos of J, Q, K faces and Aces.

A true classic from Amaya Software, Aces and Faces has regular poker combo gambling features, except for “Four of a Kind”. Established over time, Aces and Face is amongst the best games created for online play in the classic video poker range.

The straightforward graphics and classic video poker sound effects are the platform offering a few extra win options and the chance to double up on your wins.

Aces And Faces – Rules Of Engagement

Aces and Faces video poker is played using a standard deck, excluding Jokers, of 52 cards.

The aim at online river belle casino slots is to amass one of the card combos specified in the rules of play. A player may use only one opportunity to switch cards for free. The first hand deals five cards, keep or hold whichever cards can be used to build a strong hand. The cards not used are discarded and replaced with fresh ones using the same deck initially dealt from.

Four of a kind offers higher payout combos with flushes, straights and pairs making up the lower payouts. Aces and Faces, however, offers the biggest payouts.

Unless four of the five cards needed to make a Royal Flush, a paying hand that has been dealt should never be broken up. The deck will only be shuffled again after only the maximum combo payout has been reached.

Holding Aces With Poker Faces

There are 3 sorts of Four of a Kind combos, four of a kind 2 to 10’s, four of a kind J’s, Q’s and K’s and four of a kind Aces

The following series of combinations can be used as a guide to a higher outcome when a pay hand has not been dealt out: Royal Flush, four of a kind Aces, straight flush, four of a kind J’s, Q’s and K’s, four of a kind 2 to 10’s, full house, flushes, straights, three of a kind, 2 pair, pairs of J’s, Q‘s, K’s and A’s.

A win will only be recognised when one of the combos listed is achieved. The lowest hand to win with is a pair of Jacks.

A Royal Flush will pay out 500 coins at minimum bet, the maximum bet payout will be 4000 coins.

Basic Controls

Use either the Bet One or Bet Max buttons to select one of five betting levels, at the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. Press the Deal button to be dealt the first five cards, select the cards to hold, press Deal again to substitute the discarded cards with fresh options.

Extra Pay Table Win Combos

Aces and Faces Bonus is a version of video poker which adds extra win combos to the standard video poker pay table.

The four of a kind win usually pays out about 25 to 1 but has been divided into three sets as shown here: Four Aces offers 80 to 1, four J’s, Q’s and K’s offers 40 to 1 and four 2’s to 10’s offers 25 to 1.