A Guide On Teen Patti Betting Structures

There are four types of betting in Teen Patti. These are ante, post, blind and call and raise. The ante is the pot that sits in the middle of the table. This can be an equal amount that’s put in by every player that is participating or one large amount that’s put in by a single player. If it’s a large amount put in by a single player, then the player that puts this amount in usually changes every round by rotation. The ante is a forced bet. This is done so players that fold during the round will still lose something. This keeps players from folding every round if they do not have a good hand. An ante causes the end pot to be larger and encourages players to try their luck, even if they don’t think they have the best hand at the table.

If for some reason a player has to leave their seat at the table and misses an ante – whether that is to get another drink, go to the bathroom, or take a phone call – they are required to post in order to get back into the game. The post value is the money they would have wagered in the ante or antes that they missed while they were away. For example, if a player missed two antes and each ante was $5, then they will have to post $10 plus the current ante to get back into the game. This is to keep players from potentially gaining by missing a round and thus missing putting in their ante for that round.

A blind bet, also simple known as a blind, is a forced bet that a player can put into the pot (after the ante) before the deal has started. If there are two blinds, the player after the dealer will bet half of the blind amount. This is known as a small blind. The next player after the small blind will then pay in the whole blind amount. This is known as a big blind. Sometimes there is only one blind where the player after the dealer will have to put in the entire blind amount.

Teen Patti Normal Betting

After the ante and any blinds that are happening in the game, the normal betting comes in with call and raise. This is also known as chaal in Teen Patti. Each player has to at least match the bet of the previous player. They also have the option of raising that bet. Sometimes there is a limit places on how much a single player can raise a bet. This is sometimes equal to twice the amount as the previous player’s total bet. Teen Patti is also available online at the top sites.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

The hand rankings for Teen Patti are as follows. Three of a kind, straight flush, straight, flush, and no pair. Three of a kind has a probability of .24% and a frequency of 52. Straight flush has a probability of .22% and a frequency of 48. Straight has a probability of 3.26% and frequency of 720. Flush has a probability of 4.96% and a frequency of 1096. Pair has a probability of 16.94% and a frequency of 3744. These are standard version probabilities with a 52 card deck excluding jokers.