Flux Online Casino Slot

A Detailed Look at Flux Online Casino Slot

Flux Online Casino Slot

When playing Flux online slots game, players can use free spins to win both ways. This Thunderkick online slot is somewhat different to the norm and the three extra symbol rows, as well as the three different bonus games that are included make it unique.

The graphics that the developers of Flux have used could be described as psychedelic and are also an unusual touch. Bright colors have been used as the spinning shapes slowly turn and send of bright lights into space.

The way that the game has been setup or portrayed is quite different to many of the other typical online slots games that players will comes across. There are no clear or visible reels. The soundtrack that goes along with the rotating symbols is fitting to the style of game.

One of the bonus features of the game is fairly unique, and allows players to add extra rows to the slot, as well as giving the opportunity to win both ways.

Symbols of Flux Online Slots

While the reels might not be immediately obvious, Flux slots does comprise of five reels with 15 win lines, which is fairly standard amongst online slots games. The number of win lines is set and cannot be lowered, so players will end up paying a total amount for each spin, and not an amount per individual win line.

In order to claim a standard win, players must achieve three matching symbols right next to each other on a win line. The highest payout comes if a player is able to achieve five matching symbols in a row.

The yellow star is the highest paying symbol in the game. If a player is able to get 5 stars in row, this will result in a payout of 24x the original stake. The orange ball symbol is the next best, which will increase winnings by 12x.  For all other symbols, as well as their respective payouts, players can refer to the paytable.

Other important symbols in Flux include the wild symbol, which is a yellow W shape, and also the scatter symbol, which is a white B that sits in a rotating frame.

Symbols of Flux Online Slots

Flux Slots Bonus Game

If a player is able to enter the bonus game, they will be presented with a few different options. The first option is to choose to win both ways. This option will give players the most spins.

The second choice is to play the Flux slots game with three extra rows. Players will have fewer spins, but more opportunities to win with these additional rows.

The third option is to go for both the win both ways option as well as the three extra rows. However, this choice will result in the fewest number of spins for the player.

Scatter symbols affect the number of spins that real money slots players are able to use. If a player is able to land four or even 5 scatter symbols, this will result in the player being able to double or even treble the number of spins.