5 Reasons Why Roulette Is Better Online

There’s a reason why Roulette is basically hands-down the most popular casino game ever invented. A big part of the game’s charm is the combination of simplicity (red vs black) and the excitement of the thrill. And then of course there’s the spinning wheel, symbolic of life-changing wins, the shiny lights of Vegas and the untapped potential of good things to come.

And then of course, there’s online Roulette, a whole new basket of excitement! Playing Roulette on the Strip or even at a local casino down the road is as great a night out on the town as any, but there are at least 5 ways Roulette is better when played online.

No Need To Fight For Space

Every player passionate about Roulette knows the struggle that is the shape of the Roulette table at a brick-and-mortar casino. One of two scenarios are constantly at play: you’re either the only one playing and having to walk up and down for failure of reaching the ‘other’ side of the table, or you’re playing along with so many other players that it’s a constant battle to even reach the table.

Online Roulette is the joy of a table that is always available and thanks to a bird’s eye view, reaching is never a problem either. Not having anyone spill their drink on you is definitely a big bonus too!

Your Game – Your Pace

With online Roulette, the ball only ever spins when you command it to. This means to the player being in control of the pace of the game, instead of the game being in control of the quality of the player’s experience.

The only exception is obviously the live dealer game of Roulette – all other online Roulette games come standard with the luxury of controlling the pace.

It’s A Great Time-Saver

Its easy to lose track of exactly how much time is on average spent travelling to and from your closest brick-and-mortar casino. Not to mention even the schlep of having to ensure that all is well and sorted on the home front before heading out. Time wasted means less time remaining to enjoy playing. Just another one of the many reasons online Roulette beats the heck out of playing at a physical casino then: more time to play.

More Rewards Online

The reality is that any casino is also a business and as such, needs to break even in order to survive and keep its doors open. This is no cheap task and money spent on one avenue of business often causes money having to be saved in another department.

Online casinos enjoy the luxury of not having nearly as many overhead expenses to cover as is the case in a land-based scenario, and as such, more money remains available to be spent on bonuses and player rewards.

Live Dealer Roulette

Enjoy the social aspects of Roulette more than anything else? That’s no problem either. Live Dealer Roulette is the best of both worlds. Play along with other players and still enjoy the freedom of movement around the table!